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Mainstream Media Ltd was incorporated in Bahrain on 17 November 1996 (Corporate Registration No. 36497) and is principally operator of the News.Net sites, an integral part of Big News Network. In November 2013 the corporate entity was restructured and incorporated as Mainstream Media Limited in the UK. A further restructuring occurred on 8 January 2018, however the new entity retained the Mainstream Media Limited handle and again was incorporated in the UK.

Mainstream Media Ltd
3rd floor, 207 Regent Street
Greater London W1B 3HH
United Kingdom
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Professional advisors:
BDO Jawad Habib
PO Box 787

National Bank of Bahrain
PO Box 106

Parent Company: Big News Network FZ LLC

Big News Network was founded in the late 1990s and originally was a distribution portal for Moreover headlines. It was acquired by interests associated with Mainstream Media and was redeveloped in the early 2000s and custom software was developed to spider external sites independently while editorial and journalist resources were established in-house. Additionally the group contracted to a number of wire services. Big News Network was one of the first news services to provide RSS feeds, and is extensively used for this purpose. Principally a news agency, Big News Network content is used by numerous unassociated external Web sites. With the expansion of the enterprise, Big News Network was headquartered at Dubai Media City in the UAE in mid-2004 and established as the parent entity of the group which by this time additionally comprised more than 100 eNewspaper sites administered by Midwest Radio Network. Dubai Media City is a ground-breaking initiative which has attracted hundreds of major media operators to a free-standing, centralized media city in the heart of the Middle East, operators that include CNN, Reuters, Associated Press, CNBC and so on. To facilitate the expansion and relocation, Big News Network FZ LLC was incorporated in the UAE in July 2004 officially designated as a news agency.

Big News Network FZ LLC
PO Box 502068

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Global perspective

The Big News Network group (incorporating Mainstream Media and Midwest Radio Network) is globally based, reflecting the nature of its operations. Big News Network is headquartered in Dubai in the UAE, with the registered office of Mainstream Media in London in the UK, while Midwest Radio Network, is incorporated in Sydney, Australia. The group has news desks in Sydney, Perth, Dubai, and Delhi (India). The group's team of programmers is based in Sydney, while the resident movie reviewer is based in Waco, Texas.

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