Mission Statement

Mainstream Media's goal is to establish a pre-eminent global news service, online.

From the outset the group has recognized the importance of localism and rather than establish one global site, with or without an extensive range of pages, it has elected to develop individual stand-alone sites dedicated to each of the locations it services.

The News.Net sites which were launched beginning in 1999 for every major region, country, city, U.S. state and industry sector have been formatted to appeal to users seeking news for those locations. Each site, aside from local news also displays weather, international, business and financial headlines and provides links to the major news media servicing the area, provides a news poll, links to local sporting organizations, and foreign exchange rates, and news. Each site interacts with Twitter, Facebook, Digg and other social media platforms.

Mainstream Media's News.Net sites aim to be the delivery platform for news collated, generated and distributed by its parent, Big News Network which produces news across 450 categories, and in addition to the News.Net directory, comprises a range of more than 100 eNewspapers catering for regions, countries, cities and states, as well as industries where the search for news is at its highest.

Mainstream Media's role is independent in its development and operations of the News.Net sites, but is part and parcel of the evolution of Big News Network as a global provider of news.

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